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70K US Bridges Structurally Deficient

If Halloween yesterday didn’t give you enough of a fright, we have some scary statistics to fill your fright meter. A recent study conducted by Transportation for America has revealed that approximately 70,000 bridges across the United States are structurally deficient. Structurally deficient means that an engineer has physically found a significant defect in the bridge’s support or decking.

70,000 is a huge number. What is more significant for the residents of Chicago is that the study found over 400 bridges within the city to have deficiencies. That means that every second of every day 71 Chicagoans drive over one of those derelict crossings. If you are on this site to find an auto loan in Chicago, this statistic should give you a serious fright.  Heck, Chicago could lose its reputation as a transportation hub unless the government invests in its aging infrastructure.

Transportation for America says that it would cost approximately $70 billion to bring all of the issues with America’s transportation system up to date. According to some statistics, every billion spent on infrastructure creates or sustains 35,000 jobs. Hmmm…high unemployment, need for infrastructure. Didn’t FDR but two and two together and use work programs to help jump start the economy during the Depression? Wonder if it would work again?